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June 2016

1. Military & Veteran Banner Program Information 

The Smithton Veteran & Military Banner Program Committee is dedicated to promoting the sacrifice and service of our service men and women as well as instilling pride and fostering a sense of community within the Smithton area. We are proud to announce our first year for our “Smithton Veteran & Military Banner Program Committee,” a tribute to Veterans and those who are currently serving from or have served, within the Smithton community. Banners  will be installed throughout the community in late October of 2016 – in advance of Veterans Day 2016.  

Each individual banner will be unique and honor a specific Veteran or Service member including their picture, branch of service, era of service or war-time theater of service, and hometown. This program is non-political and non-partisan. The following is information regarding photo submissions: 

Banners will honor Veterans and currently serving members with ties to the Smithton community. This list may include the following:

Current Smithton area residents (Active duty, Reserve or National Guard) 
Former Smithton area residents (Active duty, Reserve or National Guard)
Immediate family members of residents of Smithton 

*The Banner Committee reserves the right to determine eligibility* 

Photos of living individuals must be accompanied by a photo release form signed by the person in the photo. Banners as a surprise to living individuals are not permitted.
Copies of the Veteran’s DD214 is required to verify information provided about era/theater of service, branch of service and rank. Banners will not be ordered or printed without documentation such as DD214, ID Card, etc. 
A copy of military ID or military orders are required for those currently serving (please omit any personally identifiable information such as SSN, DOB, etc) 
Photos submitted should be in reasonably good condition. Priorities for photos are as follows: (a) photo in uniform; (b) photo from the era of service, not in uniform; (c) current photo not in uniform. A copy of the Veteran or Service member’s DD214 is required in instances where a photo of the individual in uniform is not available. 
Banners will be displayed for approximately 6 months each year from Veterans Day through Memorial Day. At the end of the program in early June, banners will be cleaned and stored until the following November. 
Deadline for submission, with complete photo submission form and photo release form is: July 29, 2016. Photos may be returned upon coordination with the banner committee. To send photos or release forms, please email prah316@yahoo.com. For any general questions, please contact the Banner Committee Chairman at prah316@yahoo.com. 

The coordinator for the Smithton Community Hometown Hero banner program reserves the right to approve or deny applications at any time. The banner program has been designed to honor our Veterans and Military members with close family ties to the Smithton Community. Area residents or Military / Veterans who do not have close ties with the Borough of Smithton are encouraged to implement a similar program in their community. 

Smithton Borough 

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